Shutter Painting

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I painted some characters on the shutters of Fresh Bites in the Northern Quarter, Manchester. See…

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  1. David Östman
     ·  Reply

    Great work. It’s funny, I came here because of the artwork you made for Gaz’s Twitch channel, found your artwork really amazing, so I kept clicking through the pages. Then I came across this piece, and noticed the red X at the edge of the photo and INSTANTLY realized exactly where this was.

    In 2008 I moved from Sweden to work in Manchester, and before I got my own flat I stayed for a week at the Hilton Chambers just across the road, in a room with a dripping ceiling overlooking that adult store. Every morning for over a week’s time I woke up, looked outside that window before making my way to Piccadilly to take the train to Knutsford.

    The memories, thanks for the trip back. I’ll keep watching your art now, great work! 🙂

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