I’m a husband


Hi internet. Just a quickie to check back in after a lovely long break, during which my beautiful fiancee and I were married! Huzzah!

Our thanks go out to all of our friends and family that helped make it such a perfect day. My thanks go to my fantastic wife, for all of her love, support, inspiration and unparalleled organisation skills, without which I’d no doubt be living in despair in a ditch somewhere.

She has featured in my work a fair few times. All of my short-dark-haircutted girls with pop-socks and cute shoes are inspired by her in some way. Here are a few…


And here’s a drawing of my hand, pre and post wedding.


PS. A massive thank you too, to everyone who bought a print from my pre-wedding fundraiser! Massively appreciated, guys!

Right, normal (sporadic) service will resume shortly…


2 thoughts on “I’m a husband”

  1. Antonia
     ·  Reply

    Congratulations, Mr and Mrs Hammo! Brilliant news. I love the drawings of your hand. And your missis is adorable.

  2. Hammo
     ·  Reply

    Thanks Antonia!

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