I was commissioned by the lovely folks at ThoughtWorks Manchester to decorate a wall in their offices on the 26th floor of City Tower. The amazing views of the city from up there served as great inspiration for what has turned into a giant robot game of hide and seek, complete with snap-happy onlookers.

Also in there is a reference to Mustard Tree. A great local charity who provide support for the homeless and marginalised, and with whom ThoughtWorks have worked (and continue to work) closely. Check out their fantastic upcoming Empty Shop project.

2 thoughts on “ThoughtWorks”

  1. Henry
     ·  Reply

    Very cool! Nice work.

  2. Peter Staples
     ·  Reply

    LOVE IT!!!! I have been working on the design-side for TW for years and this is one of the first pieces I have seen in our new branding exercise! great work, loving the giant mech vibe!

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