Marple Hall School Library


I was back painting murals at Marple Hall School over half-term week (having painted one in their Art Department with the help of some students, in 2012. See here). This time it was the library getting a makeover, with various literary characters adorning the huge end wall. I don’t know if it was down to the subject matter, or the fact the place was deserted and I had a cool little scaffold with a trapdoor to dance on top of like Molly Ringwald work from, but this was one of the most enjoyable murals to paint that I can remember. I just hope the students like it! Right. Enough words. PHOTO DUMP!
B-Progress A-Progress-1A-BFGA-Orwell A-VoldemortA-AliceA-Lady-MA-LennieA-Yossarian A-Sherlock  A-Potter A-JulietA-Balcony-2A-Mural-Balcony A-Main-Mural-GroundIMG_2536IMG_2548